TCDS Overview

TCDS provides an element manager and complete line test control system. It has a modular, service orientated design, with full multi-language WEB GUI.

The service orientated design allows the system to be highly configurable and adaptable, by allowing each individual service to be configured, or replaced by the customers own implementation on an individual basis. This design approach gives TCDS the ability to function either as a complete standalone system, or integrated with the customers own OSS infrastructure in any configuration.

Test Control Display System


Summary of Features

  • General
    • Multi-language user interface.
    • Role based perspectives give efficient access to functionality relevant to users technical expertise.
    • Search functionality to simplify access to required information.
    • Grouping functionality to provide grouping of elements based on regional, logical, geographical or any other chosen structure.
    • Customisable filters to provide selectivity over operating element set. Personalised filters stored with user profiles.
    • Standard http or secure https, Firefox or IE6(+).
  • Integration
    • All elements support northbound cross reference.
    • Custom directory mapping service provides customer specific mapping of elements to northbound interface.
    • Pluggable service orientated architecture, enables easily managed customer specific service implementations where required.
  • Security management
    • Facility to integrate with external authentication services, to provide single sign on functionality.
    • Role based security policy providing full control over functionality.
    • Auditing and audit reporting.
  • Fault Management
    • Full system availability monitoring.
    • Dynamic update of fault information.
    • Customisable prioritisation of faults.
    • Notification forwarding functionality.
  • Element Configuration
    • Full diagnostic checking of remote elements.
    • Remote firmware upgrade, immediate or with scheduled bulk rollout.
    • Remote configuration.
    • Element Locking/Unlocking.


Scalability and Reliability

The modular design of UTEL TCDS facilitates scalability. The system provides the ability to segregate each individual service components, as well as the traditional logical segregation point of application and database. This modular system approach allows distribution of individual service modules across a cluster of servers, where needed.

Redundancy and reliability enhancements, clustering etc, are options available, depending on choice of operating system and database.

Flexible design ensures that availability and performance requirements can always be met on suitable OS and hardware.


Event processing and Alarms

TCDS provides an efficient and flexible event handling system. Pluggable event handlers decode and analyse events following the system design pattern.

Alarms can be triggered on configurable parameters, either upon single event, or a specific event sequence.

Alarm classifications allow alarms to be prioritised, distributed and displayed effectively.

TCDS Workflow