Test Head Management


Fully Integrated Configuration

When the service provider already has a mature OSS (Office Strategic Services) providing element management and test control functionality they can integrate directly with the Test Head via a XML or TL1 interface.

This solution provides full integration of the entire test head fleet directly into the existing OSS infrastructure. All testhead functionality, both line test, and management, can be fully controlled through the testheads built in network API’s. No additional servers are required.

Additional APIs also exist to manage any Test Access Switch Matrix (TASM) equipment from within the existing OSS.

Test Head Management


Partially Integrated Configuration

Where an existing OSS exists, and it is desired that the existing OSS provides some functionality, for example requesting line tests and displaying results, with the remainder of the functionality (element and alarm management, test result analysis etc) being provided by another system

Testhead OSS Integration


Full Management System

For situations where no suitable Line Test OSS already exist, UTEL offer a management system that can control the Test Heads and all supporting Test Access equipment - TCDS (Test Control Display System) See full TCDS details here.

This configuration is most suitable where a complete new line test infrastructure is being introduced, or where the Test  Heads require a quick initial deployment without modifications to any existing systems.

New Line Test Infrastructure Management